"...The Women in Construction Program just got back from a relief trip in Haiti. It was such a great experience. I cannot express to you enough how important and meaningful the Pink Tool Belts are to all of us as women in the fie..."
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Tired of settling for boring, beige, ill-fitting men’s work wear?


We get it!

In 2005, self-taught contractor, house flipper, landscaper and all-around handywoman, Kellie, was fed up with the tool belt options she was forced to work with.

“Men’s tool belts are made bigger,” Kellie said, “and the pockets sit too far forward. I was looking for a smaller, lighter weight tool belt that would fit well on my hips. The ones I could find in women’s sizes and shapes were typically canvas or nylon, not the heavy-duty leather I wanted.” 


So she hit the drawing board. Many tests and adjustments later, her hard-work paid off, she had designed a high quality pink tool belt perfectly tailored to fit a woman’s profile.

Women get a kick out of Pink Tool Belts, they put a smile on everyone’s face as they walk by. They bring a feeling of delight and camaraderie among women as they redefine what it means to “work like a girl”!


“We are changing the face of construction one pink tool belt at a time,” said one customer, “I cannot express to you how important and meaningful the Pink Tool Belts are to all of us as women in the field. [We] wear the belts with pride representing every lady who does hard work in the trades, in order to support her family.”


These tool belts shout, ‘I can kick-ass, do serious work, and still be a fun girly-girl’.

Give your project the energy and organization it needs with this vibrant line of tool belts, uniquely designed to fit you!

Find out what thousands of other women have found. These belts are not only handy on the construction site, or for home improvement jobs, but also for gardening, horse grooming, crafting, house cleaning, teaching, etc. What would you put in your tool belt?

Imagine how much easier and fun your tasks will be with a Pink Tool Belt on your hips.


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